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Printer in India Achieves Perfect Double Sided Layflat Photobook

April 06, 2022

Nagpur, India and Meggen, Switzerland (April 6, 2022) –  In their quest to offer a layflat photobook to enhance and expand their top quality printed photobook portfolio, Surbhi Album, based in Nagpur, India, coupled a Fujifilm ApeosPro duplex printer with a Layflat TL 400 VS m double-sided book binder. Previously, they were unable to provide a seamless and uninterrupted view (Layflat view) between two pages in the photobook; but, by adding the TL 400 VS m, installed by Pinnacle Technocrats in India, they successfully obtained the desired layflat photobook.


This machine is very easy to Install, as it arrived “ready-to-operate.” Merely uncrate and securely locate it in the planned location, then load the top and bottom film rolls. Switch on the power, set the parameters, and it is set to begin production. Operator training was minimal, and Mr. Swapnesh, GM of Surbhi Album, was very pleased. “In this one machine, we can produce top quality photobooks in sizes from 6”x8” up to 20”x20”, he said, “and either in landscape or portrait format.” Within a few weeks, Subhi Album was able to significantly increase its business, and is already discussing adding a second machine to its production line.


This V-Shape LayFlat Binding technology, when used in combination with the Fujifilm ApeosPro for creating any book, further enhances the overall look and feel of the smooth and higher printing quality of that printer. This innovative patented technology from Layflat.com was especially developed for double-sided printed sheets to generate a true layflat look with utmost precision when the book is opened.


Despite the COVID pandemic in India, to date twelve TL 400 VS m, V-Shape LayFlat Book Binding systems have been installed in Indian printing facilities during the last year. After each installation, every Print Service Provider has successfully boosted productivity while reducing labor costs. With these results, some customers are already ordering an additional machine, confident that its quality output and lack of downtime will help continued expansion.


More information about the company’s full line of products and distributors can be found at: www.layflat.com